Wedding a Warrior

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Wedding a Warrior
A Novella Prequel to The Wounded Warrior’s Wife
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WHITLEIGH HAYNES, a college student, plans her future with precision, and no intention of ever leaving her Kentucky home.
After the attacks of September 11th, her longtime boyfriend, COLLIER CROMWELL, puts his plans aside to join the Army in order to serve God and country, at any cost—even if it means losing Whitleigh.
When Collier proposes unexpectedly, and an old boyfriend comes calling, Whitleigh is left to wrestle with choices she never wanted to make. Her faith is stretched, and her once planned path is blurred. There’s much to consider, and saying yes to either man would change the trajectory of her life.
Which path should she take?
Whitleigh turns to God, but is she willing to listen when the answer may mean a future marked with plans she can’t pencil in on a calendar, or worse–control?