A “God Book” Review from the Sweetest Source: A Child’s View of Jesus

I’ve had the privilege to write books, read incredible works by many authors, and the honor of reviewing them on my blog, or vendor sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc. However, my reviews have NOTHING on the book review my little girl gave last night of her “God Book.”
Absolutely PRECIOUS. MELT MY HEART PRECIOUS. A TREASURE to hear the gospel coming from her sweet voice. What a beautiful sound from a child’s simple perspective. To view the wonder of who Jesus is through her eyes caused such awe & wonder…amazement in me! And there’s a new-ness, even a sparkle in the way she presents Jesus—an almost giddiness! I love it, I want it! It helps me remember what it was like when I first became a follower of Christ, and how exciting it was!
I went to bed smiling, and watched her review at least ten times!
“That was fun, mommy. Can we do that again?” She’s hooked on video book reviews, and I had to nod my head.
I’m POSITIVE this child’s review of anything she reads will be better than what I could ever write. PLEASE ENJOY this absolutely beautiful “God Book” review.

One proud Momma here!

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Be Still My Soul by Joanne Bischof: A Book Review!

Hannah Conway is a military wife, mother of two, and speaker. Her novels are a deployment experience of their own, threaded with faith, and filled with twists and turns sure to thrill, and encourage. Hannah is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, and My book Therapy. She and her family live in Tennessee

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New Release Novel Spotlight: The General’s Wife by Sara R. Turnquist

 The General’s Wife
 by Sara R. Turnquist 
New Book Release & Excerpt!!!!!

Ismene, a beautiful, somewhat naïve, young noblewoman, is torn from her childhood home in Greece and her first love. Bound by honor and duty, she marries Pharaoh’s chief military commander, Alistair. Though determined to remain true to the man she left behind, her new husband stirs feelings in her she cannot ignore.

Attempting to accept this brazen new culture, it isn’t long before she discovers that the locals don’t like her. The Alexandrian mob starts making anonymous threats. This faceless group will stop at nothing to achieve its goal of driving out the unwelcome Greeks. In the midst of these heightening attacks, the general must leave for battle. Ismene fears that she is on her own.

Evidence of a spy within her own household arises. It soon becomes apparent that one of these Egyptian rebels wants her dead. The safety of Ismene, and possibly the entire ruling class of Egypt, hangs in the balance.
Sara has been a guest on my blog before, and I am delighted to have her return, especially with a new book release to share with us! Sara will join us again next week as well!  

So, Sara! Welcome! Let’s get started! The General’s wife is Historical Fiction?
     Yes, but there is definitely a romance in the book that drives the story.

Care to share the more historically significant events behind your story? I’m all about some history.
      Well, my favorite thing that I uncovered was that Ptolemy II was a great supporter of the Library of Alexandria. In fact, he was on a mission to see the collection within grown to something like 500,000 scrolls. Not only that, it was during his reign that the Septuagint was written. This was the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek.

What was your inspiration for The General’s Wife?

    I’m going to share a little secret with you…I hated history as a high school/college student. But I excelled at it. The only thing I ever enjoyed about history was Egyptian history. I devoured everything my teachers/professors shared about ancient Egypt. And I clearly remember the first time I heard about this period (the Ptolemaic period). I was amazed – Greeks ruling Egypt as Pharaohs!?!? And so I happily delved into any and all resources I could come across. Be they museum, book, discovery channel movie…you name it.
I love history, historical fiction, and I know a lot of readers do as well…especially such an interesting time frame. You’ve done your research! Lots going on back then!!! And being an Army wife, you know I LOVE the military element to your story!

Thank you for being with us today and sharing your latest release, and we can’t wait to hear from you again next week! 

Sara is originally from Clarksville, TN where she currently resides with her family. She enjoys writing and spending time with her family traveling. Sara is the author of The Lady Bornekova and a member of the ACFW.

Readers can pick up a copy of The General’s Wife through any of the following venues:

Enjoy and excerpt from The General’s Wife: 
A frown was etched into Alistair’s features. The sight before him caused his whole body to tense up. It was a sight that had greeted his staff early that morning. Neterka had been the only one brave enough to bring him out there to see it.
“Get it off,” he said, each word enunciated and pushed out of his mouth with force. There were plenty of servants gathered around, but he spoke to no one in particular.
On the inner wall of their great garden two symbols, two words, were splayed across the wall in what could only be blood. The thick, red, viscous liquid had dried as it ran, in stripes reaching to the ground.
A din of whispered conversation among the servants could be heard, but only just. No one wanted to speak out for fear of enraging the general further. Many of the servants were unable to read Greek and had no idea what important message was scarred into their master’s most prized sanctuary. As if the vandalism alone wasn’t enough to evoke a great anger in him, the message itself had pushed him closer to the edge of violence. They had never seen their kind master in such a state.
“What is everybody…” Ismene’s voice interrupted their musings. No one, not even Alistair, had even noticed that she had arrived at the grand estate, least of all made it all the way out to the gardens. Her voice, which started light and happy, trailed off as she noticed the source of everyone’s fixation.
There were many audible gasps as the servants, like Alistair, turned and saw Ismene’s paled face, her mouth moving as if trying to form words, though none came forth.
Alistair rushed over to her, “Ismene, don’t look…it’s…” he said, trying to turn her away, to go back in direction she had just come.
It was only then that he realized—the message—it was for her. Ismene and Alonah came to the gardens each day to check on her tiger lilies. This wall faced the entrance into the gardens closest to her bedchambers, the entrance she came through every day. How did anyone outside of his house and Pharaoh’s know that? His heart sank. There was a leak in one of these houses.
Ismene stood her ground, refusing to let Alistair turn her away. She was shaking.
“Who…what…I don’t understand,” she managed after several seconds. As she glanced up at him, he could see tears in her dark eyes as she repeated the terrible words that were written there. “Go home?”
His heart ached for her.
“Who wants me to go home?” she asked, voice breaking, clearly injured by the implications.
He pulled her into his firm embrace.
She began to cry.
“Shh, shh.” He soothed her, rubbing her shoulders. “It’s all right. It doesn’t mean anything.”
He knew it wasn’t all right. She was in a foreign land, a place she was still having great difficulty adjusting to—a place where she was surrounded by people she didn’t know and who were so different from her. She was still adapting to these new people, a new culture, a new way of doing things, a new government…a new way of life. This must have been her worst fear confirmed. Not only did she not know these people, not only were they foreign in many ways, they did not want her here.
He kissed the top of her head. “Don’t give it any thought, Ismene. Remember last night. Remember how the people cheered for you. They loved you!”
Her crying stilled for a moment.
“This is the work of one person who is dissatisfied with me and is doing this to get back at me. This is not about you. I promise,” he lied. He was quite certain this was at least the truth in part. But he feared that it may be the work of the Alexandrian mob and it may well be aimed at her.
Ismene allowed him to comfort her a little longer, but before he was ready to let go, she started to pull away. With reluctance, he released his hold on her. He then tugged on her arm more firmly until she was facing the direction she had just come, her back to the wall and the horrible message.
“Alonah, please take the Lady Ismene to her bedchambers. I’ll have some refreshments brought for her.” He made sure that there was no room for argument in his voice.
Alonah took Ismene’s arm and led her back inside, away from the small crowd and the offensive markings.
Alistair watched them go. Once they were inside and a safe distance away, he spun back toward the small crowd of servants.
“Get. It. Off.” His voice sharp and his words heated; the words penetrated the air, thick with apprehension, before he stormed off.


Angels Among Us: A Christmas Short Story Collection

Indeed, God’s Angels are among us! 

What a joy it was to join together with Kim and Darlene, two fantastic authors, to bring these fictitious stories to life! Truly an honor to join forces with these talented ladies.

I’ve never written a Christmas themed story, nor ever considered doing so until the offer came…and then my mind went berserk with ideas, scenarios etc.  Of course I wanted it to have a military-ish theme…that’s kinda part of my writer thing. So, after several brainstorming sessions, and hair-pulling (exaggerating a bit), it came together.

My tale, Brighter than a Bronze Star, follows Zander, a warrior angel embarked on a mission far from his comfort zone and in close proximity to the mortal world. Lives are at stake, dark forces swarm around, and Zander must not fail even when God’s orders are unclear, and difficult to obey.

Along the way, you’ll meet Judah, an Army medic questioning his life path, and Claire, a young editor addicted to work to keep past hurts from catching up to her.

Will Zander succeed in his mission, or will the enemy prevail? Will Judah find his path or continue to wonder aimlessly? Will Claire discover the strength she needs to let go and move forward, or remain captive to her hurt?

This Christmas, angels are among us in the most unique way! Enjoy these three short stories for .99 on Amazon, or FREE on Kobo.

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader!

Other books from Hannah Conway:


The Lady BorneKova: Meet the Author & Amazon Gift Card Giveway!

http://www.amazon.com/Lady-Bornekova-Sara-R-Turnquist-ebook/dp/B010RNKE7S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438914073&sr=8-1&keywords=the+lady+bornekovaHello Dear Readers! Today we have Author Sara R. Turnquist here with us! She’s giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card, my friends! Enter to win below. Share with your friends and family for more entry points! And now, enjoy getting to know Sara! She’s a fabulous person & talented author!

Welcome Sara! Please tell us about your latest novel, and any personal inspiration behind it.

The Lady Bornekova is set in the Czech Republic on the cusp of the Hussite Wars. Which were a religious civil war of sorts for the Czech (Bohemian) peoples. My novel follows the journey of one young lady, Karin Bornekova, and what happens to her throughout the events leading up to the start of the Hussite Wars. My personal inspiration? For several summers just after I graduated college, I went over to the Czech Republic on short term mission trips to teach English to college students. I absolutely fell in love with the culture, the country, the people. I was very inspired. Each year, our team leader would find something unique for us to do to kick off our time in the Czech Republic. One year we went to visit this massive chateau outside of Hradec Kralove. Touring the chateau and the grounds was the inspiration for this story.

http://saraturnquist.com/That’s so interesting! And it all sounds so beautiful! I know you’ve finished this novel, but do you have any current projects you’re working on? Care to share?

I have just finished working on a novel set during the Trail of Tears. It’s been a really difficult novel to write. The Native Americans suffered so much between the removals and the actual journey along the trail. I am finding it a daunting task to undertake to do justice to the historical events and honor the people who endured these events. But there is a story to tell and I’m determined to tell it.

I admire that determination and appreciate the passion you show for historical events. Writing can be a daunting task at times. Is there a favorite time of the day you like to write to help with the writing process? What about a favorite place?

I write whenever I can. I have three small kids ages 6 and under, so it’s really whenever I can! Sometimes that’s naptime, sometimes that’s at night…whenever. A favorite place? I have a little makeshift desk and comfy chair in the bedroom that I write at most of the time. But I have to share the scene with my husband when it’s finished. I just need the sounding board and instant feedback.

We’re in agreement there. There’s something about reading what you’ve written aloud that helps ALOT. Now, you’re a follower of Christ. Many of our readers are as well. Could you share with us your favorite scripture and why?

For I have not give you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7; I just love that this verse speaks to where I struggle so much with mommy fears and Sara fears and silly fears…and a little craziness. Honestly. But God doesn’t want me to be fearful, He hasn’t given me a spirit of fearfulness, but a spirit that is powerful and is full of love. And I just love that He even speaks to my other insecurities here and tells me that He gives me a sound mind! Love. It.

I love that too! I’ve dealt with the same thing! Thank you for sharing. Now onward we go! I’m an Army Wife, and all Military Wives have to be flexible. Plans change at the drop of a hat. So, pretend you’re a Military Wife. Ok. Ready?! Your spouse came down on orders to relocate and you’ve got 30 days to move. What are the first three things you do to prepare? GO!

I assume you mean the first three things after I freak out, right? First things first, a list. I always, always, always need my lists. Next I’d prioritize my list (boring, right? But true, so true). Then I’d arrange a family meeting with a full blown typed out Itinerary and “To Do” lists for everyone. Yeah…I’m that person.

LOVE the response! I giggled out loud! 🙂 I FOR REAL carried a clipboard around with me during each move we’ve made! You’ve given great advice! Let’s see what other nuggets of wisdom you have to offer. I’m a Stay-at-Home-Momma of two. It gets a bit crazy around my house especially when I have edits to get to! Could you share some advice for all those parents out there raising their babies?

It’s really okay if you can’t “do it all”. There’s nothing wrong with calling in reinforcements or getting help. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong or lacking in you. It means you’re human like the rest of us. That whole 80s/90s “women can do it all/have it all” garbage is just that – garbage. No one can do it all, at least not well. Something will suffer. That’s what we have back-up for. Whether that’s hubby, or family, or friends, or babysitters, or a mother’s helper…use the resources God is giving you.

That’s even BETTER advice! Thank you for sharing with us, Sara! Before we move on to excerpts, and the giveaway info (squeal!!!!), is there anything you’d like to say to your readers? I know they’d love a personal note.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank you so much for joining us today, Sara, and thank you to all who stopped by! Remember to enter the $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway below!!

~ BOOK EXCERPT (Oh I love these little snippets!!) ~
Karin sighed as she leaned on Pavel’s strong shoulder in blissful sleep. They had not been underway for long, but the movement of the carriage had rocked her to sleep in no time. Pavel’s nerves worked double-time, having her so close to him. But he dare not move away, lest he wake her. So, he sat still, enjoying the same kind of closeness he had earlier that evening. The contact, while they danced, had been exciting. This was peaceful but, due to his nervousness, elating all the same. As she rested, he listened to the rhythmic clip-clop of the carriage. Just then, Pavel was startled by a crunching sound, followed by a loud crack! The carriage pitched to the side. He grabbed Karin and held her tight to his body. Karin awoke with a start, eyes wide.
“Don’t move!” he commanded, wrapping his arms tighter around her as the carriage landed hard, jolting them both. It continued to roll, slamming them into the side, threatening to throw them out of the carriage window into an even more dangerous position. Pavel kept his body stiff and held on to Karin. He could barely breathe. It was his body that had slammed into the wall and cushioned Karin’s hit. The car had not stopped moving, and it threatened to roll onto the roof, teetering precariously between the roof and side. How much longer could he hold onto her? How much longer could they endure?
The red-headed Karin is strong-willed and determined, something she inherited from her father. She tries to keep her true nature a secret to avoid being deemed a traitor by those loyal to the king. Karin and her father butt heads over her duty to her family and the Czech Crown. She is then sequestered to the Royal Viscount’s hunting lodge.
Not aware of everything that is happening, she becomes the target of an individual with murderous intent. Her heart soon becomes entangled though her father intends to wed her to another. The turmoil inside Karin deepens and reflects the turmoil of her homeland, on the brink of the Hussite Wars.


http://saraturnquist.com/Sara resides with her family in Middle TN and though she has enjoyed her career as a Zoo Educator, Sara’s great love of the written word has always drawn her to write. An avid reader, she has been, for many years, what she terms a “closet writer”. Her travels and love of history have served to inspire her to write Historical Fiction. Sara has made several trips overseas to the Czech Republic for short stints in the summer over several years. Her time among the Czech people and the landscapes of the country inspired her and greatly influenced her work on her debut novel, The LadyBornekovaset in the Czech town of Hradec Kralove.


Email: sara.turnquist.st@gmail.com

Facebook: Sara R. Turnquist
Twitter: @sarat1701


Author Spotlight & Novel Giveaway with Molly Jebber!

Welcome Dear Readers! Today we have Author Molly Jebber with us! She’s giving away a print copy of  her novel, A Change of Heart! Enter to win below! Share with your friends and family for more entry points!

Meet Molly!
Molly Jebber is the author of CHANGE OF HEART, an Amish historical romance. Fascinated by the Amish history, culture, Molly perused her passion to write.  Her love or writing led to a book deal with Kensington Publishing as well as three more titles debuting in 2015/2016. Publisher’s Weekly magazine announced and listed this book number three in their best ten romance review list for 2015. Molly loves God, her family and friends. She likes swimming, reading, golf, and spending time with her husband, Ed, daughter, Misty and friends.

Molly, please tell us about your latest novel, writing project etc and any personal inspiration behind it.
Becca Carrington, my heroine, is thrown into a world unknown to her. She encounters danger and difficult people. I wanted to show how her Amish upbringing and faith in God remain throughout her new life when faced with conflict and drama.

Do you have any current projects you’re working on? Care to share?
“Change of Heart” is the first in a three-book keepsake pocket quilt theme series. The second book is finished and will be released in February, 2016. My Christmas story, “An Unexpected Christmas Blessing” is part of an anthology along with Amy Lillard and Kelly Long. The overall title for this book is “The Christmas Sleigh”. Each of us wrote Amish themed stories. This book will be released October 30, 2015. All of these books are available in stores and online wherever books are sold.

For all the folks out there read, could you share with us your favorite scripture and why?
Philippians 4:19 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” KJV – This verse reminds me with God anything is possible, and that He’s always there for me.

Before we give away more info on Change of Heart, is there anything you’d like to say to your readers? I know they’d love a personal note.
Readers, without you, there would be no reason for me to write. The greatest thrill for me is to hear that you are enjoying my stories. That my stories provide a “little getaway” for you and makes you happy.
Thank you for being with us today, Molly, and thank you Dear Readers for stopping by! Remember to enter to win a copy of Change of Heart below.

Change of Heart by Molly Jebber

Ohio, 1899.  Soft-spoken midwife Becca Yost lived by her Amish faith’s strict rules—until her fiancé jilted her before their entire community. She’s never been away from home, but the bustling Englischer town of Massillon, Ohio, is a welcome unexpected refuge. Especially when she goes to work for Dr. Matt Carrington, who shares her passion for healing those in need. His outgoing spirit and gentle strength show Becca a surprising new world of choices—and irresistible love. But there is one formidable obstacle: Matt’s wealthy mother is determined her son will marry a society woman.

 With her newfound resolve challenged, Becca decides that she and Matt must not be destined for each other after all. She accepts that she will have to forge a life alone—until a wrenching crisis and life-changing revelations teach her that true faith lies in all things, especially impossible second chances. . .

Connect with Molly:

Email:     mollyjebber@yahoo.com
Twitter:      @mollymjebber

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Author Spotlight with Darlene Wells & Novel Giveway!!

Welcome Dear Readers! Today we have Author Darlene Wells with us! I have come to really enjoy getting to know her, and I know you will as well. She’s giving away a signed copy of the first two books in her Days of Grace Trilogy, Redeeming Luke, and Finding Olivia. Enter to win below! Share with your friends and family for more entry points!

Meet Darlene!

Darlene lives in the San Francisco North Bay, in California, with her husband of nearly 27 years, her two college age sons, and her only daughter, a 15 year old Shih Tzu named, Lucy. She has been an ACFW member since 2004 and currently writes for Indie Publishing Group, Wings of Hope. Darlene has authored two solo novels, and two novellas, all of which can be found on Amazon.com


The Book Blurb Sizzle for Finding Olivia!!

Convinced that Hollywood holds the key to her future joy and contentment, Olivia Hawkins refuses to pay heed to the voices that warn her of the inherent dangers.
Nathan Grant, an ordained minister has seen Hollywood ruin more lives than he cares to count, especially the one for which he carries a burden of guilt. He won’t stand by and watch it happen again.
Excitement, rejection, and terrifying betrayal daunt Olivia’s journey and threaten her relationship with God. Caught in a struggle between worldly fame and fame in the eyes of the One who created her, she must decide which is of greater worth: stardom or true peace?

Darlene, thank you for being here with us today! Can you give us a little inspiration behind this novel?
My latest novel is titled, Finding Olivia. It is the second novel in my Days of Grace trilogy, the first being Redeeming Luke.  The inspiration was to take a character from the first book, and take her on her own journey of finding herself in Christ. The main character, Olivia, had a prevalent presence in Redeeming Luke, and I felt her story had just begun.  Writing her story was truly a roller coaster!
Ha! I totally get that whole writing a roller coaster story! So…it’s just us talking here…well…and others peeping in, but care to share on any current projects you’re working on?
The project I’m working on now is titled, Loving Tilly. It’s the third book in the Days of Grace trilogy, which takes us right back to the setting of the first book in the series. I knew readers wanted to see more of those characters, so this way, they can while also meeting a new character in Tilly.
Thanks so much for cluing us in! Looking forward to dive into that book!
Switching gears and getting a little personal. I’d love if you’d share your favorite scripture with us.
2 Corinthians 12:9. Because God gave it to me during a difficult time of fighting clinical depression, showing me that Paul had a thorn in his flesh as well, but that God’s grace IS sufficient, and that His power truly is made perfect in our weakness.
Thanks Darlene, and thank you for answering so personally. You’re right, His power is made perfect in our weakness. I’ve had several times in my life when I’ve felt completely weak.
Now, let’s have a little fun! I’m an Army Wife, and all Military Wives have to be flexible. Plans change at the drop of a hat. So, pretend you’re a Military Wife. Ok. Ready?! Your spouse came down on orders to relocate and you’ve got 30 days to move. What are the first three things you do to prepare? GO!
I panic and call Hannah Conway!
Ha! I totally just laughed out loud!! But seriously now, are you a veteran or do you have someone in your family that served in the Military? We’d love to hear!
My dad was in the Air Force, my father-in-law was as well. My “bonus son” is currently serving in the Navy. A cousin of mine was also in the Navy and taught SEALS to dive. An uncle was in Vietnam and was shot down in a helicopter, which affected him for the rest of his life. He was never the same. I could go on, but suffice it to say, my family is extremely patriotic and takes service to our country very seriously.  I am so proud of our military!
We’re so grateful for your family’s service. I too am so proud of our military men and women!
Ok, this question is for me and all the Stay-at-Home-Mommas out there. It gets a bit crazy around my house especially when I have edits to get to! Could you share some advice for all those parents out there raising their babies?
ENJOY IT!  I remember when my kids were little and I thought I was going to lose my mind. I couldn’t WAIT for them to grow up and be a little more independent.  And now, one is getting ready to move out of the house, and the other will be soon. I wish I had slowed down and taken time to enjoy them while they were little.
Time flies, right? Our time is fading on this post too…so real quick…what are three books every reader should read?
I have two: To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice.
FANTASTIC READS!!! I gotta agree with ya! Ok, we are about outa time…anything you wanna say to your readers?  I know they’d love a personal note.
I would love to say thank you. I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a little girl. Teachers told me I should consider being a writer. And I’ve been working at it for 10 years.  This is a dream come true, and the glory for that goes to God, but what makes an author an author, is READERS!
Darlene, it’s been such a pleasure having you on as our guest! Readers, thank you so much for stopping by! Remember to enter to win two of Darlene’s novels below!

Contact Darlene:

Website:    www.darlenewells.com
Email:         Gracewriter43@yahoo.com
Facebook:  Darlene Wells Christian Fiction Author
Twitter:      @DarleneWells_
Pinterest:    Darlene Wells Author

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A Secret to Keep: Book Review, Extras, & Giveaway!

Keeping secrets is a horrible way to live. Sloane Davis should know.
She’s kept her son a secret from his father for almost a year.
Now, her worst nightmare is coming true. Her ex is re-entering her professional life in the midst of the biggest project of her career. She’s about to come face to face with the only man she’s ever loved – her son’s father.
Gates McCall is a brash man. He hasn’t always been this way, but when Sloane walked out on him, something inside him broke. When his company’s newest acquisition brings the two of them together once more, little does he know seeing her will bring back a flood of memories, feelings, and an unexpected surprise.
Purchace your copy here: 

 Barnes&Noble Pre-Order Link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-secret-to-keep-railyn-stone/1121917126?ean=2940151590198

Railyn Stone hails from the Tar Heel State and is a romantic at heart. She believes you can find romance in the simplest aspects of life and enjoys letting her imagination run wild. Trying new restaurants, listening to music, playing golf and writing over the top stories about ordinary people are the hobbies she cherishes most.
Links for social media
Twitter: @railynwrites
Facebook Author Page: www.facebook.com/railynst

Railyn definitely reels the reader in with a hook of a title and plot line. I jumped at the opportunity to review this novel through Loving The Book. I love the friends of the main characters in this novel, and their down to earth appeal and advice to Sloane and Gates, who both desperately need some wisdom in their lives. I also appreciate the interracial couple…with so much hate in the world, I LOVE a story that shows unity among individuals no matter the skin color or background.

I do say, as a Jesus follower, I wish there were spiritual elements, though, Railyn does not profess to be a Christian Author. Her characters, Sloane and Gates, were intimately involved before marriage, which, God can totally redeem all situations, circumstances etc, if she’d allow. Both main characters have internal struggles that are very real, and I applaud Railyn for being so honest with her characters thoughts/feelings. That whole “I do what I don’t wanna do” thing discussed in the Bible is definitely going on in this book, but without a God factor.  The pacing was a bit too slow, however, I really did want to know how the book ended, so Railyn kept me hanging in there! 🙂

 I give this book 3 stars.


Top 10 Movies I love:

1) Pretty Woman
2) The Color Purple
3) Pirates of the Caribbean (All of them)
4) Fast & Furious (All of them)
5) The Wedding Date
6) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
7) Goodfellas
8) Gone in 60 Seconds
9) Purple Rain
10) The Usual Suspects

Character Casting
Sloane Davis – Tamera Mowry Housley
Gates McCall – Matt Bomer
I have a Pinterest board that shows all of the people I would cast for the entire book. 🙂

Hey, come back to the here and now. Sloane come on, we have to focus. Are you going to be able to do this?” Liyah snapped her fingers in front of Sloane to get her attention. “Sloane? Sloane?”
          Oh, Liyah, I’m sorry. What were you saying?” Just as Liyah was about to answer her, she quieted and Sloane followed her gaze toward the door where her unbelievably handsome ex-fiancé stood.
          “Santo cielo.” Liyah breathed and stood straighter, adjusting her jacket.
          He’s just a man in a suit,” Sloane said, trying to convince herself more than Liyah that he wasjust a man in a suit. She busied herself by stacking and reorganizing an already organized stack of papers. She could feel one single bead of sweat slowly meander its way down her back. But Gates’ magnetic pull soon had her staring at his deep-set hazel orbs. She tried to look away, but there was something about this man who was able to suck her in like cake flour through a sieve.
          He is so not just a man in a suit.” Liyah swallowed hard, shaking her head at Sloane’s dismissal of him. “I’m beginning to understand why you’re so nervous about this. Wow. You know, I didn’t realize how much Brayden looks like him.”
          Shh, keep your voice down.” Sloane tried to move, to blink, to do anything, but her body betrayed her wishes and she could only stare as Gates mingled through the room before he stopped near the two of them. She felt the individual hairs on her neck called to attention as his deep voice rumbled over her.
          Liyah, hello. It’s been a while. Sloane.” Finally regaining her faculties Sloane pulled herself up to her full height of 5 feet 6 inches and smiled. The unmistakable maleness of him filled her senses as she looked into those familiar eyes. Prickly chills scampered up her spine as she stood face to face with the father of her baby boy.
          Hi, Gates.” Liyah interjected, trying to break the obvious awkwardness.
          Gates, it’s good to see you again.” Sloane stammered while inwardly cowering under his intense gaze.
          Is it really?” Smirking, Gates continued past her to meet and shake hands with a few of the representatives from the various companies with bids on the table.
           Okay, so that went well.” Both ladies turned to watch him weave through the crowd of people as he headed towards the front of the room before Liyah turned to Sloane. “You up for this?”
          I don’t have much choice, do I? I guess he really does hate me.” Sloane swallowed the big lump of nerves in her throat and tried to pull herself together for what she knew was going to be the fight of her life. She and Liyah took their seats as the meeting got underway and she was never so glad to sit down. Her legs felt weak and her stomach was queasy. If it weren’t for the fact she hadn’t been with anyone since Gates, she would have sworn she was experiencing morning sickness all over again.
          Maybe not so much hate, as maybe severe dislike.”

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Author Spotlight with New York Times Best Selling Author, Tosca Lee: Interview & Giveaway!!

Welcome Dear Readers!! Today we have New York Times Best Selling Author, Tosca Lee, with us! Tosca will be giving away an eBook copy of her novel, Havah: The Story of Eve! Leave a comment below to enter to win!  Read on for another special gift from Tosca to you!!

Meet Tosca:

Tosca Lee is the multi award-winning, New York Times bestselling novelist of Demon: A Memoir, Havah: The Story of Eve, Iscariot, The Legend of Sheba, and The Books of Mortals series (Forbidden, Mortal, Sovereign) with New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker. She is best known for her exploration of maligned characters, lyrical prose and meticulous research.

Thank you for being here today with us, Tosca. I’m a HUGE fan, and I know you have A LOT of readers here today that feel the same. We’ve read all your works, and now we’re curious…do you have any current projects you’re working on? Care to share?
I’ve just finished a contemporary thriller. (Yay!) It’s a small break from the biblical historical genre, and I really needed this. It was a super fun ride filled with action and suspense and romance, too. I hope you enjoy it!

I can’t wait to get my hands on it!! And congratulations on finishing this novel. I know how difficult it can be to etch/carve/pray out time to write in order to meet those deadlines.  Is there a favorite time of the day you prefer to write  to get the job done?
You know, I tend to do anything serious in the evening. Usually after 9pm. These days I work until dawn, and now that it’s spring, the birds are out to sing me to sleep (or keep me awake…)

Ha! I have a love-hate relationship with the birds outside my window too! Now, is there a specific place where you like to write? I have to kind of lock myself away.
My office is the place I write—there is only one seat in that space, and it’s behind my claw-foot desk. For some reason, I always seem to work at night.

All writers reading this, take note: a claw-foot desk, and night writing. I’m on it!

Moving on! I’m gonna get a little nosey here.  but I wanna know if there are there things you put off doing because you dread them? (ie I can’t stand to fold socks. Torture!)

I am a master procrastinator. I put off writing until I either can’t stand it any more or I better get a move on if I want to make my deadline. It’s a form of perfectionism that stems from fear. And in the end, the fear never goes away—I just start slogging through to the end.

I appreciate your transparency and your bravery to face fear by “slogging through to the end.” Fear is something that we can all struggle with, and it’s encouraging to know we don’t have to succumb. 

Switching gears  a bit now. I’m a Military wife, and love to have my guests put themselves in the military life roll. Let’s play!
Many Military families move several times over the course of their career relocating to duty stations all over the country and the world. While moving can be difficult, it’s also pretty exciting to meet new people and see new places. Sometimes we’re able to choose our duty station. If you had a choice, where would you like to be stationed and why?
Korea. 🙂 I have a ton of family (half of it) in Seoul. And I need me some good Korean food.

My hubby spent a year in South Korea!! I got to spend close to a month over there and LOVED it! Seoul was amazing! And you’re right, the food is crazy tasty!

I also like to honor the Service men and women in my guest’s family. Do you have family that have or are serving in the Military?
Some of my extended American family have served in the Air Force—uncles, a cousin. All the men on my Korean side of the family have served in the Korean military (it’s compulsory). My uncle is a former Korean Secretary of Defense, but the coolest part of his career, for me, was when he was a two star general because I got to ride around with him in his Jeep. ;D

That is totally awesome! Please thank both sides of your family for their service!

I’m not only a Military wife, but like a large portion of my friends and readers, I’m a stay at home momma.  It gets a bit crazy around my house, especially when I have edits to get to! Could you share some advice for all those parents out there raising their babies juggling insane schedules?

Oh boy. I’m a brand new step-mother to be of four—one young lady (19) and three young men (14 and 11 year old twins). (My fiancé is a single father.) So I’m the one who needs the advice—namely, ways to make vegetables appealing. Right now I’m just trying not to get wiped out by kid germs. (I managed to catch Whooping Cough last January.) One of the most amazing privileges of coming into this role is listening to them talk about the things that are important to them (i.e. football and Minecraft).
First off, Tosca, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of parenthood! Readers, let’s shower Tosca with some advice in the comment section! My advice: pray. Pray for your kids to like veggies. Pray you don’t get sick. And pray with them…even about Minecraft, football, or in my case, Elsa, Anna, and Pokémon.
Tosca, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to be our guest today. We’ve had a great time, and have room for one more response.
Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers? I know they’d love a personal note.
I love you guys. I truly have the most wonderful readers in the world. I think of you as I sit down to work, as I go about the business side of writing, and am grateful every day. One of my greatest joys is when I get to meet readers at signings, talks or events and hug them.

Again, thank you for being here with us today! Tosca has a special gift for everyone here
today! See below for the details! Remember to leave a comment to enter to win Havah: The Story of Eve!


Ismeni, the free eBook prequel to The Legend of Sheba is available for free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and in all eBook formats.

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Book Review: A Captive Imposter by Dawn Crandall (Book 3 in The Everstone Chronicles)

Author of The Everstone Chronicles, Dawn Crandall, will be joining us next week, but today I have the privilege of reviewing her latest release!

I should be finishing up my next novel. However, I had no other choice but to turn away from my computer screen if I ever wanted to get a restful night’s sleep again, without wondering about the main characters like I knew them! 

I’m not sure if I should thank Dawn for this novel or not… 🙂
Yes, I’ll thank her!
The Captive ImposterDawn’s third book in The Everstone Chronicles DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!
The title of this book itself caused my eyebrow to arch with interest. Her writing continues to grow stronger with each novel…so elegant, and vivid. And then there’s that storyline that just held onto me!
Estella Everstone, born into wealth and privilege, is in danger, and has gone into hiding at one of her father’s hotels in the mountainous region of Maine, assuming the name Elle Stoneburner, and a lowly status as lady’s maid. After a cancelled engagement, and a family tragedy, she struggles to mend and find her life’s direction. Dexter Blakely, an ill-tempered hotel manager with an apparent distaste for those born to wealth and privilege, and a disdain for all things romantic, catches her eye, and confuses her heart.
Neither can deny the pull that exists between them when they are together. However, Dexter doesn’t know Estella’s true identity, and that the woman he’s grown to love is the embodiment of everything he’s vowed to hate. She has to tell Dexter the truth, reveal all, and hold nothing back, but where will that lead, and can she handle the fallout?
Set in the late Nineteenth century, a simpler day for sure, The Captive Imposter drew me, quite willingly, into the past, and dazzled me with an elegant setting, exquisite scenery, and spot-on dialect for the time period. Let’s not forget the mystery, suspense, and hints of a budding romance.
The story sprouts themes of forgiveness, restoration, God’s purpose for our lives, and His ability to use the bad things for His glory—all of which I applaud. The characters…real…sincere…flawed, and forgiven…just like us. I found this novel daring, true-to-life, and lovely! Kuddos to you Dawn Crandall!
No foul language was found, however, there is a brothel mentioned, and a woman held against her will worked there. This was not an issue for me, but because of the nature of this topic, I suggest mothers with daughters younger than thirteen may want to have an open discussion about this before allowing their younger girls to jump into this book. 
I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a novel with Christ-focused themes. Fabulous!! If I had three thumbs, I’d give it that!

Follow the fun with Dawn as she promotes her latest release. Prizes and giveaway daily throughout the Blog Tour!

About the Author:

A graduate of Taylor University with a degree in Christian Education, and a former bookseller at Barnes & Noble, Dawn Crandall didn’t begin writing until her husband found out about her long-buried dream of writing a book. Without a doubt about someday becoming traditionally published, he encouraged her to quit her job in 2010 in order to focus on writing her debut novel, The Hesitant Heiress. It didn’t take her long to realize that writing books was what she was made to do. Dawn is represented by Joyce Hart of Hartline Literary.

Apart from writing books, Dawn is also a first-time mom to a precious little boy (born March 2014) and also serves with her husband in a pre-marriage mentor program at their local church in Northeast Indiana.

Dawn is a member of Romance Writers of America, American Christian Fiction Writers, secretary for the Indiana ACFW Chapter (Hoosier Ink), and associate member of the Great Lakes ACFW Chapter.

The Everstone Chronicles is Dawn’s first series with Whitaker House. All three books composing the series were semifinalists in ACFW’s prestigious Genesis Writing Contest, the third book going on to become a finalist in 2013.

Want to read more reviews or interviews?

Check out:
Though My Heart is Torn by Joanne Bischof
Catch a Falling Star by Beth Vogt
Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander

Author Spotlight: Joe Breunig on Christian Poetry

Welcome Dear Readers! Today we want to welcome Author Joe Breunig on today’s Author Spotlight!

Joe has been so gracious to join us for an interview! Welcome Joe! Thank you for hanging out with us today! Tell us a bit about yourself.

https://www.facebook.com/jjbreunig3I’m a displaced I.T. (Information Technology) professional with 30 years of work experience from the great State of Maine; in November 2006, I published my first book and presently have enough notes to write 10 more manuscripts of Christian poetry. To date, I have 10 completed manuscripts of unpublished material.

1: Tell us about your book.

To date, I’ve published one book of Christian poetry called:  Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

Instead of me describing my work, here’s what New York Times best selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh thought of it:

http://www.amazon.com/Reaching-Towards-His-Unbounded-Glory/dp/1419650513/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1388058560&sr=1-1&keywords=reaching+towards+his+unbounded+gloryAny Christian surveying the current state of modern poetry could easily become discouraged, given that much of that poetry can only be categorized as nihilistic. At worst, such poems seemingly promote despair and violence—against society, the church, or even against oneself. At best, they consist of self-centered whining and overdramatic emotionalism, completely devoid of spiritual muscle and ethical backbone.

New author Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, in his fine debut collection Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory, takes a fresh stride in the opposite direction, in a poetic compilation that should delight anyone who enjoys reading Christian literature as well as poetry. The book comprises over 100 poems of various lengths, although they generally do not exceed one page. In a slight concession to modern poetic style, some of the stanzas are unrhymed, yet all of them speak to Christian themes, such as faith and its testing, seeking a higher road, the state of grace, error and sin, biblical people and events, and personal redemption through God’s word.

A common thread that runs throughout the majority of the poems is that individuals —regardless of any mistakes they may have made in the past— can still turn to Christ as their Savior and begin the slow, sometimes painful, but always positive process of redeeming themselves, in developing a new life filled with abundance and spiritual serenity. By reaching for this new and uplifting collection of Christian poems, readers can indeed begin reaching towards God’s glory.

2: What can you tell us about your recent writing projects?

Last year, I completed two full manuscripts of poetry, with each containing 125 original poems; this year, I plan to write another 375 poems. Presently, I’m toying with the idea of publishing them in one volume.

3: Do you have a favorite time of the day to write or a favorite place?

My favorite time to write is when I’m alone with God; when there are no pressing or daily interruptions, I can focus more easily on the work at hand. It doesn’t matter where I am; I carried a clipboard with me when working on the first book.

4: What is your favorite scripture and why?

One of my favorite Scriptures is Phil 4:13, which states: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

It serves as a gentle reminder that my dependence is always on Him and that whatever, I put my hand to, must be in alignment with His Word (to be successful).

5: Is there any aspect of the writing process you dread them?

I have the tendency to write the current manuscript’s background last. For me, it’s an unpleasant task- at times, it feels like I’m trying to justify my latest collection of poetic content. Some people are truly interested in the back-story of a book, while others could care less.

6: What is the quirkiest thing you’ve done?   

I had the rare opportunity to go to a Christian, social gathering at a friend’s home. While there, my wife sent me to the car to retrieve something insignificant. On my way, I was intercepted by 2+ dozen children playing outside- who wanted some hands-on attention. For the next 30+ minutes, I wrestled with the children on the front lawn, stacking bodies into a human pyramid, amid the delightful squeals and screams of unadulterated joy. Once I was back inside, the only person who noticed my absence was my angry spouse. Why is this quirky to me? I’m not a parent and yet I enjoying interacting with others’ children.

7: Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?

We are all uniquely made; since the roles of others have been determined, we should learn (and enjoy) just being ourselves. We need to embrace our identity in Christ, and understand our personal combination of gifts and talents to serve God to the best of our abilities. People without dreams are the first to criticize those that have a vision. If God has given you a dream or vision, then go after it wholeheartedly (while ignoring the naysayers). In the end, only His opinion will really matter.

8: Feel like sharing an example of your poetry?

Poem: His Love of Words

He will make a way for me,

but I’ve got to do my part.

I must keep moving forward…

with His promises in my heart.

Staying in faith, not worried

about who’s holding me back;

I continue to press ahead

in His supply, without lack.

Everything is simple for God

and it’s a fact I’ve accepted;

this kinship persists, seeing…

that we are divinely connected.

Heaven’s Husbandman grafted me

into the sacred Vine for Himself;

His Love of words flows from me,

poetry made… for His bookshelf.

Author Notes

Inspired by:

Prov 3:6; John 15; Eph 2:10

By Joseph J.Breunig 3rd, © 2014, All rights reserved.

Give Joe a round of applause! Thank you for joining us! Contact Joe:

·         Website: http://amzn.to/1ffo9YZ

·         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jjbreunig3

·         Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjbreunig3